“Sarape Time” collection focuses on contemporary Mexico, highlighting country’s bold and unique culture. Ricardo stated, “We live in a timeless world filled with color. We know who we are; we are our past and we are our present. We create our future based on traditions and heritage, which makes our time here beautiful. Now is the time to enjoy sarape and other street styles of the world.”


The silhouette-style presentation will be 70-percent black with touches of off-white and fluorescent colors. The most important look is one of Ricardo’s own designs using sarape. While making this piece, his goal was to showcase a garment that would speak volumes about Mexico’s culture. “I can see the garment in the most esteemed and influential winter destinations. Places where you see art, fashion and music combined like Aspen, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, and festivals like Sundance”, said Ricardo. In addition to sarape, the collection features fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton, suede, lamb leather, fox fur, and acrylic metallic.