The “REAL” Collection is inspired by contemporary Mexico, where their traditions become innovations and are globally shared. This is the real Mexico. A sophisticated Mexico that suits well in any place of the world, expressing its roots with pride through simple forms, unique details, textures and shapes, resulting in a personal style where attitude is larger than anything else. This is the Mexico he shares.



True to Seco’s Mexican origins, thE "DREAMS" collection was inspired by the Wixárika tribe, incorporating the beading and warm multi-colored details of the indigenous community into his classic, sophisticated style for men and women.



The theme that Seco has chosen for THE "FOREVER" COLLECTION is the Kennedy era of the 60s. HE took the A-line silhouette that Jackie liked so much and turned it into a masculine, urban chic style that her son John-John would have worn.The Kennedy style is an American style. A lifestyle trend that is relevant today and timeless.



ThE "POWER" collection - which debuted at New York Fashion Week at the "new" The Eyebeam Art + Technology Center - features a fusion of urban and Asian fashions inspired by New York and Shanghai.



Orthodox Hip is a multicultural lifestyle, where its essence is to believe and that wisdom is a reflection of feeling ALIVE. Love of music, art, and anything that comes from within reflects the identity of a man walking around the world with absolute certainty.




The man who moves the world today is a free man. He is confident and knows that to connect and be responsible in life, he should be aware of his actions. The man who shares is a man that expands his ability to give and get what he wants in life.

The "SHARE" collection has clean construction, with diversity to create individualistic style. Details give a touch of originality. Music, fashion, art and life experiences are part of the inspiration.



ThE "FLY" Contemporary Sportswear Collection is inspired by the ambitious New Yorker and all that he represents. The independent, secure, self assured man who is not afraid to take chances, not afraid to throw it all away and start anew in the big city, FLY IN NEW YORK is designed for the man who dares to dream and knows that to successfully fly he must first surrender and let go.