The “Luck” Collection is inspired by “A man that knows how to play the game of life, who trusts in who he is and where he is going, without forgetting where he comes from. He enjoys all and knows his luck and essence. He knows how to share and take advantage of his opportunities.” Ricardo combines the richness of Mexican culture with its new contemporary sophistication


The collection reflects Mexican pop culture in a level of sophistication that is current in this metropolitan city. The game “La Loteria” was invented by the Spanish during the colonization of Mexico. The purpose of this game was to teach the indigenous to speak their language. This game has remained inlaid in the culture. The collection is inspired by the roots of Mexican culture and seeks to bring together both tradition and cutting edge design. There isn’t a Mexican that hasn’t played the game.


Ricardo chooses four cards that represent the summer spirit, which he uses in his prints. The palm projects the feeling of freedom and nature, the heart represents the feelings of loyalty and passion, the scorpion, for its audacity and the mermaid, for its mysticism, luck, dreams, and imagination. This effortless collection is for the urban sophisticated man who dares to bring color and pattern to his wardrobe. The combination of various fabrics such as leather, cotton, neoprene and printed fabric, comprised of black, white, and a pop of color blend together to create the perfect wardrobe for Spring/Summer.